AcuHerb on traditional Chinese medicine

AcuHerb on traditional Chinese medicine

AcuHerb is an Australian company offering Eastern medicine for your health needs. As we say, ‘you’re intelligent, you know what’s best for your health’ and China Med herbs are a potent alternate medicine to that of Western pharmaceuticals. Your health is important to you and to us, and that’s why AcuHerb is here to help. There are many conditions and ailments which China Med can assist with including stress and anxiety, allergies, arthritis, blood circulation, eczema and cholesterol to name several. Western medicine can only achieve so much, however traditional Chinese medicine can help achieve balance – Yin and Yang – in your body through restoring your energy balance and blood circulation. Chinese herbs can be as powerful as Western pharmaceuticals but are often overlooked through the reliance on Western doctors’ advice. The life essence, or Qi which is a type of energy that flows throughout the body, is governed by Yin and Yang and when these are not in harmony, illness occurs. The forces behind the imbalance can be stress, toxins, physiological and psychological matters and diet. AcuHerb aims to re-balance your energy through treatment with Chinese herbs.

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Some of the ways China Med can help you

China Med is a prescription medicine which means you need a consultation with a practitioner prior to use and should be used moderately as with all medicine. It can assist with a diverse range of ailments and combat the negative energy forces within you. When you are stressed and experiencing anxiety, your body is trying its best to cope and using all your energy to combat this; China Med does wonders for helping the body along in this process. China Med “Calm The Spirit” can ‘anchor the mind (an shen)’ and to ‘replenish Yin (zhi yin)’. With a unique blend of natural elements such as Asparagus cochinchinensis and Biota orientalis, “Calm The Spirit” is here to help reduce the impact of those stressful times and get you back on a balanced energy path. If you are a sufferer of arthritis, China Med “Arthritis” has been traditionally used for the relief of the pain associated with arthritis. This herb of mixed natural elements may assist in reducing pain and swelling in the joints as well as increasing your mobility. It may also help with lower back pain. Blood circulation is important for the body as it supplies oxygen and nutrients to the organs, so China Med “Blood Moving” is traditionally used for increasing effective blood circulation. “Blood Moving 2” is a blend of herbs to nourish and activate the blood and re-balance the Qi. If you’re one of those people with high cholesterol, China Med can assist in maintaining a healthy level. Formulated with herbs traditionally used to ‘activate the Blood and dispel statis (huo xie qu yu)’ and ‘regulate the Qi’, “Cholesterol” is useful in getting your body’s cholesterol back on track and combatting the food and natural familial cholesterol issues.

Why AcuHerb and China Med

The AcuHerb approach is a little different from other health practitioners and organisations. We spend a decent amount of time assessing you and discussing your needs and what you want from China Med which helps us to fully comprehend your individual requirements and recommend the right herb blend for your body. Traditional Chinese medicine treats the body holistically rather than only targeting your physiological or psychological aspects. One treatment plan can assist the body in multiple ways. Restoring the Yin and Yang or energy balance within your body is crucial to maintaining a healthy body; China Med is not necessarily a “quick fix” but it aids over time building up. AcuHerb is committed to helping you maintain a healthy body and you can see us when you need to, regularly or when required. While we will not tell you what to do as you know your own body better than we do, we can advise on the best treatment plan and let you decide what is best for you. China Med can help you restore your body’s balance and is not based on a Western diagnostic but a holistic Eastern tradition stemming from years of application; when you want to explore traditional Chinese medicine, come see us and we will recommend the best China Med to suit your requirements.

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