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Fertility, Pre-conception & Pregnancy

Some people seem to get pregnant so easily, but we understand the anguish and grief when this supposedly simple process isn’t working.  Chinese medicine focuses on tonifying the the kidneys and stimulating the flow of qi to the kidney meridian.  By balancing the Yin and Yang of the kidneys, Chinese medicine helps to improve the kidney function. Chinese medicine will also focus on removing stagnation and nourishing the Xue (blood).

Conception is only the start of the process.  By making your body strong prior to getting pregnant, you will ensure you have the resources to call on during your pregnancy.  Excellent nutrition, good rest, regular exercise and quality sleep all help the body to manage a pregnancy better.

We will use your specific set of symptoms to make a treatment prescription tailored for you.  Your treatment may include Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, massage, naturopathic herbals or nutritional supplements.  Each treatment prescription is unique and will be discussed with you to get the mix right for your needs.

Fertility, Pre-conception & Pregnancy

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine for Fertility

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