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Sleep to Thrive

Sleep is the body’s way of replenishing and consolidating energy resources.  A good nights sleep will undo many of the effects of stress, excess work and exhaustion on the body.  But when your sleep gets disturbed, your health can rapidly deteriorate.

Lack of sleep and disturbed sleep patterns can put the body under enormous physical stress.  This physical stress will increase the production of stress hormones in the body which can in turn upset your sleep patterns further.  This is why your sleep patterns can be so difficult to restore once they are disrupted.

Insomnia and other sleep problems can occur as a result of stress, emotional problems, hormonal changes, poor diet as well as other illnesses.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture focus on calming Shen (spirit) and improving the flow of qi around the body.  Chinese medicine also focuses on tonifying the qi.

We will use your specific set of symptoms to make a treatment prescription tailored for you.  Your treatment may include Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, massage, naturopathic herbals or nutritional supplements.  Each treatment prescription is unique and will be discussed with you to get the mix right for your needs.

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine for Stress & Anxiety

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