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Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy body weight is not only about what you eat and how much you exercise, it’s also about how your metabolism is functioning.  Your metabolism is influenced by many factors including stress, illness, age, hormones and many lifestyle factors.

Your metabolic rate determines how much fuel the body burns when it is idle and how much energy you have available during the day.  A fast metabolism burns more fuel and makes more energy available to you for use during the day and will drive weight loss.  A slow metabolism stores more fuel and makes less available to you during the day leading to weight gain and fatigue.

Chinese medicine and acupuncture focus on tonifying the spleen and stomach and stimulating the flow of qi to the small and large intestine.  By removing stagnation and balancing the body fluids, Chinese medicine improves the function of the spleen and stomach.

We also make Chinese medicine dietary recommendations which focus of food that your body finds easy to digest and foods that help to nourish the body.

We will use your specific set of symptoms to make a treatment prescription tailored for you.  Your treatment may include Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, dietary advice, cupping, massage, naturopathic herbals or nutritional supplements.  Each treatment prescription is unique and will be discussed with you to get the mix right for your needs.

Weight Management

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine for Weight

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