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Finding the Fountain of Youth

29 Jan 2014 12:22 PM-
Do you have signs of ageing? Are you having trouble with
flexibility and movement, perhaps misplacing your keys or
forgetting names? Maybe you have noticed more grey hairs
recently? Ageing in itself, is not a disease; it is a natural part
of life. Yet we search high and low for the fountain of youth as
we pass through our 30’s and beyond. The ageing processes
in our bodies continues throughout our lives and over
time, increases the chances of suffering from degenerative
conditions. Ageing can lead to a reduction in our physical
and mental functioning and contribute to the onset of chronic
disease. Adopting a healthy ageing lifestyle can help slow the
pace of accelerated ageing, so that you live a long, healthy
and happy life.

Adopt a Healthy Ageing Lifestyle

A healthy ageing lifestyle requires optimal nutrition through
a healthy diet and lifestyle, supported by appropriate
supplementation to form the foundation of good health. A
nutrient dense diet includes protein, fresh vegetables, nuts,
seeds and healthy oils. Being active and taking time out are
also important ingredients in a healthy, happy life; so make
sure you stay active and enjoy fun and relaxation on most
days. A healthy ageing lifestyle is the insurance you need to
keep you healthy and vital for years to come.

Looking After the Genes in Your Jeans

Our genes, or our DNA, are extremely important for long-
term health! Our cells cannot function correctly if our DNA
becomes damaged. Alzheimer’s disease sufferers have been
found to have greater levels of DNA damage, which may be
both a cause and consequence of this disease.1 DNA damage
is associated with many chronic health conditions, including
cancer. It is therefore imperative that we support our DNA
health to achieve our goal of healthy ageing.

Natural Insurance

A healthy lifestyle and optimal nutrition are effective ways
to support our overall wellbeing. Key herbs and nutrients to
support healthy ageing and help protect our DNA include:
• Resveratrol and turmeric: Can provide us with anti-
ageing benefits, by protecting the cardiovascular system
and supporting metabolic health. Specifically, they help
conquer inflammation and oxidative stress imbalances in
our body, which accelerate the ageing process and lead to
chronic disease.
• Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG): This active ingredient
in green tea is rich in antioxidants and can protect against
degenerative conditions.
•  Grape seed: Grape seed has been used since ancient
times in Greece. It can protect DNA from damage and has
a broad spectrum of uses for the ageing individual, offering
anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic and cardioprotective
• Probiotics: Specific strains of probiotics such as
Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (LGG®), Bifidobacterium
lactis (Bi-07) and Lactobacillus acidophilus (NCFM) have
been well researched for their beneficial effect on the
digestive system, helping to keep your insides functioning
well too.
• Fish oil: High quality fish oil, with the active ingredients,
EPA and DHA, can support cardiovascular health and
brain function, as well as reduce inflammation. This is
particularly important for conditions such as arthritis. Keep
your joints supple, your heart healthy and your nervous
system happy with a high quality fish oil supplement daily.

Lifestyle Factors

We are familiar with the importance of having fun with friends
and family. Relaxation and regular exercise also help promote
health and wellbeing especially as we age; but our brains
need regular exercise too. Try out these great exercises to
improve your brain health and maintain thinking skills for
years to come:
• Puzzles such as crosswords, sudoku or jigsaw puzzles.
• Reading – pick up a novel or the daily newspaper.
• Challenge your brain – learn a language or master a new skill.

Staying on the Wellness Wagon

It can be easy at times to fall off the wellness wagon. Having a
natural healthcare Practitioner to support you not only in time
of sickness, but also with wellness, can help to keep you ageing
gracefully on both the inside and outside. Subtle changes to
your health can be identified and addressed using natural
options before chronic symptoms have time to manifest.

Happier Healthier Ageing

Ask yourself what motivates you most to live a long, happy
life? Perhaps you want to regain your energy and mobility to
keep up with your grandchildren? Perhaps you want to live a
longer, happier, healthier life, or improve management of a
pre-existing condition? Graceful ageing can be started from
any age. With the help of your natural healthcare Practitioner,
you can get the most from your golden years and keep on
track for a happier, healthier you.

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