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Fish Oil For Inflammation

28 Jan 2014 10:49 AM-

Fire Lighters

Does pain reduce your vitality and impair your quality of life?
Unfortunately, many people experience pain on a daily basis;
whether it is a sharp pain, a dull or persistent ache, this is your
body’s way of telling you that inflammation is present. You
might be aware of inflammation’s presence like a fire being
lit within, caused by an injury, back pain or in conditions such
as arthritis. Inflammation may also be an underlying cause
in muscular aches, period pain, headaches and digestive
disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome. Inflammation can
also be triggered by poor diet, poor lifestyle choices such as
lack of exercise or smoking and stress. All of these can keep
the inflammation fire burning. Fish oil is an effective natural
option to help you reduce the pain of inflammation.

Fuelling The Fire Within

The term “inflammation” comes from the Latin word,
‘inflammatio’ which simply means, ‘to set on fire’. Typical
symptoms of inflammation include pain, redness, heat and
swelling. Inflammation is a natural response to something that
causes irritation. Its two main actions are to protect and heal;
it is a way for the body to seal off the area, kill off any invaders,
remove damaged tissue and cells and allow the area to repair.

Friend or Foe

Inflammation may be short term in response to an injury
or irritation, however in some cases this can progress to
become chronic pain and start doing more harm than good.
Decreasing inflammation can help alleviate pain and increase
your vitality and quality of life again. Pharmaceutical anti-
inflammatories are commonly used to decrease pain and
inflammation; however, they also carry the risks of damaging
your digestive tract.

Fight Fire With Fish

Fortunately, fish oils provide a safe and effective strategy
to help dampen down the fire of inflammation. Omega-3
essential fatty acids, especially the constituents EPA and DHA
from fish oil, have been shown to have anti-inflammatory
effects when taken at therapeutic levels.
• Research has shown that fish oil can have pain relieving
and anti-inflammatory effects in arthritis sufferers. A daily
dose of 2.7 g of combined EPA/DHA significantly reduced
joint pain and morning stiffness in patients with rheumatoid
arthritis, who were able to reduce intake of pharmaceutical
pain medication.
• High quality, highly concentrated fish oil formulas are an
easy and affordable way to achieve the 2.7 g dose of EPA
and DHA daily. Your healthcare Practitioner can recommend
the most appropriate fish oil supplement for you.

Fish Oil Quality and Purity

Not all fish oils are equal. Insist on only using fish oils of the
highest quality and purity, sourced from small, cold water
fish using eco-fishing practices. For optimal health benefits, it
is important to ensure that the concentrated fish oils are well
below Australian allowable standards for contaminants such as
heavy metals, pesticides and solvents.

Fresh Food Is Anti-Inflammatory

The modern Western diet is inflammatory. Food has the ability to
produce or reduce inflammation. Diets high in sugar, processed
foods and foods high in ‘bad’ fats such as hydrogenated and
trans-fatty acids are pro-inflammatory. Making positive food
choices can create lasting healthy eating habits for life.
• Eat seasonally, fresh and organic as often as possible.
• Choose two serves of fresh fruits and at least three cups of
fresh vegetables daily.
• Include herbs and spices in your cooking, especially ginger
and turmeric.
• Include healthy oils, nuts and seeds in your diet.
• Minimise consumption of processed, refined carbohydrates
(e.g. white bread, pasta, cereals, cakes).
• If susceptible, dairy products and gluten containing grains
can trigger an inflammatory response and are best avoided.

Holistic Management of Inflammation

With the support of individualised fish oil supplements, positive
lifestyle changes can also help decrease your pain and
1. Enjoy exercising as this provides long term anti-inflammatory
effects. Movement is essential for health and vitality.
2. Maintain a healthy weight, as obesity increases inflammation.
Talk to us about how you can Shake It off and feel great.
3. Quit smoking.
4. Talk to your Practitioner about identifying the many underlying
causes of inflammation. Discover what your personal fire
starters are, so you can be on your way to feeling great.

Freedom From Pain and Inflammation

Don’t allow chronic pain and inflammation to fuel your life.
Address the underlying causes of your inflammation now and
take steps to put this fire out. With high quality fish oil, some
dietary and lifestyle modifications and the support of your
Practitioner, you can regain your life and the freedom to enjoy
daily activities and the future. Talk to your Practitioner today
about breaking free from the bonds of pain and inflammation.

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