ChinaMed – PMS – Pre-menstrual Syndrome


This Chinese medicine is formulated from herbs that have been traditionally used for the relief of premenstrual syndrome with emotional volatility, breast pain and mild dysmenorrhoea.



Albizia julibrissin 22.8 mg Equivalent: Albizia julibrissin (Dry) 136.8 mg

Angelica polymorpha 22.8 mg Equivalent: Angelica polymorpha (Dry) 136.8 mg

Bupleurum falcatum 22.8 mg Equivalent: Bupleurum falcatum (Dry) 136.8 mg

Citrus reticulata 22.8 mg Equivalent: Citrus reticulata (Dry) 136.8 mg

Corydalis turtschaninovii 22.8 mg Equivalent: Corydalis turtschaninovii (Dry) 136.8 mg

Curcuma longa 22.8 mg Equivalent: Curcuma longa (Dry) 136.8 mg

Cyperus rotundus 22.8 mg Equivalent: Cyperus rotundus (Dry) 136.8 mg

Fallopia multiflora 22.8 mg

Glycyrrhiza uralensis 12.6 mg Equivalent: Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Dry) 75.6 mg

Leonurus sibiricus 22.8 mg Equivalent: Leonurus sibiricus (Dry) 136.8 mg

Ligusticum wallichii 22.8 mg Equivalent: Ligusticum wallichii (Dry) 136.8 mg

Paeonia lactiflora 23.4 mg Equivalent: Paeonia lactiflora (Dry) 140.4 mg

Polygala sibirica 12.6 mg Equivalent: Polygala sibirica (Dry) 75.6 mg

Salvia miltiorrhiza 23.4 mg Equivalent: Salvia miltiorrhiza (Dry) 140.4 mg

Formula: Chai Hu Shu Gan Tang

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If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner

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