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Golden Flaxseed Meal – Waltanna Farms Organic


Dr Johanna Budwig was a pioneer in the field of health and nutrition, being famous for her “Oil-Protein Diet” to combat cancer, using a simple recipe combining cottage cheese, buttermilk, honey, flaxseed oil (Waltanna Gold Honey Flaxseed Dressing), Flaxseed Meal or Rolled Seed, grated apple, hazelnuts, almonds or walnuts. Tastes great and easy to prepare.

Waltanna Gold Flaxseed Meal is ideal for baking. For the homemade bread lover it is perfectly suited to whole meal or grain loaves. Make a healthy muffin by substituting some flour with Flaxseed Meal, making an ideal addition for that healthy lunch box. Bake a healthy cookie by mixing almond meal with Flaxseed Meal

Kids love puddings – try Flaxseed Meal for a healthy change, and has been proven to keep your intestines healthy. Flaxseed Meal is perfect used as a thickening agent in casseroles and stews. Use in tart bases mixed with ground almonds.

Your family will be amazed they’re eating something so healthy.

A great beauty treatment for your face, mix Flaxseed Meal with wheat bran and hot water to make a stimulating and cleansing face mask. Great success has been had by using Flaxseed Meal as a poultice on sprains and aching muscles.

You can add Flaxseed Meal to many dishes, savoury or sweet, commencing at breakfast, sprinkle on your favourite breakfast, porridge or muesli for an extra healthy start to the day. Waltanna Farms’ Flaxseed is the base ingredient to producing Australia’s finest certified organic gold flaxseed products.

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