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Flaxseed Oil – Waltanna Farms Organic


You will enjoy the nutty flavour on its own. Make a great snack by mixing with cottage or ricotta cheese, then adding your favourite fruit, or for a savoury snack add your favourite herbs and condiments. Combine with plain yoghurt, garlic & cucumber for a great accompaniment for BBQ’d lamb or chicken. Make your own dressings by adding Waltanna Gold to your favourite condiments & herbs.

Flaxseed Oil contains up to 60% OMEGA 3 ALA (Alpha Linolenic Acid), the richest food source of Omega 3, which is absolutely vital to human health. Most people are deficient in this nutrient. Omega 3 has been prescribed as a treatment & prevention for several serious and increasingly common illnesses, making the ancient flax seed our MODERN MIRACLE FOOD.

If you don’t eat large quantities of fish you are most likely deficient in Omega 3. It is so easy to meet your daily recommendation for Omega 3 by adding FLAXSEED OIL to your diet. Waltanna Gold Certified organic flaxseed oil does not contain any chemicals, where often high levels of toxic chemicals, such as mercury, has been found to bio-accumulate in fish.

The omega 3 fatty acid has been shown to retain EMOTIONAL HEALTH and helping to tackle DEPRESSION.

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