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Gan Mao Ling



Chrysanthemum indicum 33.6 mg Equivalent: Chrysanthemum indicum (Dry) 450.68 mg

Ilex aquifolium 88.5 mg Equivalent: Ilex aquifolium (Dry) 1.186 g

Isatis tinctoria 33.6 mg Equivalent: Isatis tinctoria (Dry) 450.68 mg

Lonicera japonica 12.4 mg Equivalent: Lonicera japonica (Dry) 166 mg

Melicope pteleifolia 57 mg Equivalent: Melicope pteleifolia (Dry) 765 mg

Vitex negundo 33.6 mg Equivalent: Vitex negundo (Dry) 450.68 mg

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