Kids – Cold & Flu


This formula is used to clear Wind-Heat and for symptomatic relief of the common cold

Formula: Xiao Er Gan Mao Chong Ji 


Key herbs:

Huo Xiang – traditionally used to aromatically transform dampness, harmonise the middle burner and release the exterior

Ju Hua – traditionally used to disperse wind and clear heat, clear the liver

Ban Lan Gen – traditionally used to drain heat, relieve fire toxicity, cool the blood and benefit the throat

Bo He – traditionally used to disperse wind-heat, clear the head and benefit the throat,



Huo Xiang, Agastache rugosa 270.149 mg/g Equivalent: Agastache rugosa (Dry) 362 mg/g

Ju Hua, Chrysanthemum sinense 270.149 mg/g Equivalent: Chrysanthemum sinense (Dry) 362 mg/g

Ban Lan Gen, Isatis tinctoria 279.851 mg/g Equivalent: Isatis tinctoria (Dry) 375 mg/g

Bo He, Mentha haplocalyx 179.851 mg/g Equivalent: Mentha haplocalyx (Dry) 241 mg/g

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