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Kids Cold Reliever – Beijing Tong Ren Tang


Assists to relieve common cold of kids with fever with cold feeling, running nose, cough with phlegm, sore throat, and thirstiness.

Each vial contains 10ml concentrated liquid tincture in a pleasant tasting formulation for children.
Suitable to children 2 years and older.
Contents: 10 x 10ml concentrated herbal liquid tincture
Citrus maxima 1.1778 mg/mL Equivalent: Citrus maxima (Dry) 5.1 mg/mL
Glycyrrhiza uralensis .3926 mg/mL Equivalent: Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Dry) 1.7 mg/mL
Mentha haplocalyx 5.1 mg/mL Equivalent: Mentha haplocalyx (Dry) 5.1 mg/mL
Perilla frutescens 3.4 mg/mL Equivalent: Perilla frutescens (Dry) 3.4 mg/mL
Pinellia ternata .7852 mg/mL Equivalent: Pinellia ternata (Dry) 3.4 mg/mL
Platycodon grandiflorus .7852 mg/mL Equivalent: Platycodon grandiflorus (Dry) 3.4 mg/mL
Schizonepeta tenuifolia 5.1 mg/mL Equivalent: Schizonepeta tenuifolia (Dry) 5.1 mg/mL
Scutellaria baicalensis .7852 mg/mL Equivalent: Scutellaria baicalensis (Dry) 3.4 mg/mL

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