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Kids – Skin Formula


Formula: Qu Shi Bao Tong Chong Ji 


Cang Zhu, Atractylodes lancea 203.636 mg/g Equivalent: Atractylodes lancea (Dry) 224 mg/g

Di Fu Zi, Bassia scoparia 203.636 mg/g Equivalent: Bassia scoparia (Dry) 224 mg/g

Ye Ju Hua, Chrysanthemum indicum 202.727 mg/g Equivalent: Chrysanthemum indicum (Dry) 223 mg/g

Bai Xian Pi, Dictamnus desycarpus 202.727 mg/g Equivalent: Dictamnus desycarpus (Dry) 223 mg/g

Tu Fu Ling, Smilax glabra 203.636 mg/g Equivalent: Smilax glabra (Dry) 224 mg/g

Ku Shen, Sophora flavescens 203.636 mg/g Equivalent: Sophora flavescens (Dry) 224 mg/g

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