Kids – Cough


This formula is to strengthen the Qi and resolve the Phlegm. For temporary relief of cough, bronchial cough and bronchial and nasal congestion.

Formula: Xiao Er Gu Ben Ke Chuan Chong Ji 


Key herbs:

Zi Wan – traditionally used to relieve cough and expel phlegm

Huang Qi – traditionally used to tonify the spleen and augment the qi, raise yang qi of spleen and stomach, augment the protective qi

Chuan Bei Mu – traditionally used to clear heat and transform phlegm

Bu Gu Zhi – traditionally used to tonify kidneys


Zi Wan, Aster tataricus 117.273 mg/g Equivalent: Aster tataricus (Dry) 129 mg/g

Huang Qi, Astragalus membranaceus 117.273 mg/g Equivalent: Astragalus membranaceus (Dry) 129 mg/g

Bai Zhu, Atractylodes macrocephala 117.273 mg/g Equivalent: Atractylodes macrocephala (Dry) 129 mg/g

Chen Pi, Citrus reticulata 57.273 mg/g Equivalent: Citrus reticulata (Dry) 63 mg/g

Bu Gu Zhi, Cullen corylifolium 115.455 mg/g Equivalent: Cullen corylifolium (Dry) 127 mg/g

Tu Si Zi, Cuscuta hygrophilae 57.273 mg/g Equivalent: Cuscuta hygrophilae (Dry) 63 mg/g

Chuan Bei Mu, Fritillaria cirrhosa 115.455 mg/g Equivalent: Fritillaria cirrhosa (Dry) 127 mg/g

Gan Cao, Glycyrrhiza uralensis 28.182 mg/g Equivalent: Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Dry) 31 mg/g

Fang Feng, Ledebouriella seseloides 57.273 mg/g Equivalent: Ledebouriella seseloides (Dry) 63 mg/g

Gu Ya, Oryza sativa 115.455 mg/g Equivalent: Oryza sativa (Dry) 127 mg/g

Su Zi, Perilla frutescens 57.273 mg/g Equivalent: Perilla frutescens (Dry) 63 mg/g

Qian Hu, Peucedanum praeruptorum 57.273 mg/g Equivalent: Peucedanum praeruptorum (Dry) 63 mg/g

Wu Wei Zi, Schisandra chinensis 57.273 mg/g Equivalent: Schisandra chinensis (Dry) 63 mg/g

Huang Qin, Scutellaria baicalensis 57.273 mg/g Equivalent: Scutellaria baicalensis (Dry) 63 mg/g

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